UTI celebrates its 31st anniversary

On October 5, UTI Group of companies has celebrated 31 years since the first financial transaction.

The last year has brought many challenges to all economic players and, inherently, to our companies, but our time-tested experience has enabled us to turn adversities into opportunities and regroup to remain one of the best players in the fields we conduct business.

Thus, as a result of an internal split process, UTI Facility Management took over a complex team and the enterprise and construction competencies of UTI Grup, becoming UTI Construction and Facility Management. This approach was intended to strengthen the company’s presence in the markets in which it operates and to address complex projects for built infrastructures by offering an extensive package of complementary services and solutions.

Diversification of the solution and project portfolio

In response to the pandemic that paralyzed or shut down businesses around the world, we decided to extend our portfolio with disinfection solutions and services that we use both internally to protect our employees, but also externally, by providing them to clients that need to make sure that their activities are epidemiologically safe. We provide both ultraviolet equipment, as well nebulization and ozonation solutions that render the disinfection process both efficient and cost effective.

In 2021, UTI Construction and Facility Management, the only provider of integrated biosafety solutions for any space or means of public transport in Romania, became the first local company to receive the BIOSAFETY TRUST CERTIFICATION, developed by RINA.

Through its companies, UTI contributed to the construction in record time of the Brașov-Ghimbav International Airport, the first airport built from 0 after 1989. After the completion of the passenger terminal in March 2021, our specialists are in charge with the construction and the commissioning of the auxiliary infrastructure of the passenger terminal.

UTI Construction and Facility Management completed its portfolio in the airport field with the implementation of state-of-the-art systems for X-ray scanning of hold and hand luggage. As an authorized partner for Romania of the famous British scanning technology manufacturer, Smiths Detection, we implemented computer tomography equipment and algorithms for automatic detection of explosive substances with  Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport and Henri Coandă Bucharest International Airport. In the mentioned airports we also provide general maintenance services.

UTI’s portfolio also includes intelligent transport solutions to streamline urban traffic and reduce pollution in cities, but also for the smooth running of intercity traffic by collecting, analyzing, and providing real-time information for drivers. Thus, in 2021 we implemented an e-ticketing system for the modernization of public transportation in Suceava, we installed traffic management systems in Turda, Dej, Beclean, we modernized the road infrastructure in crowded areas of Cluj-Napoca and we installed variable message displays in Turnu Măgurele.

Even under adverse economic conditions, our companies have signed contracts worth over 41 million euros, which complete the portfolio of contracts signed in the previous year that are still in progress.


Commitment to an ethical culture

3 of the UTI member companies have been recertified according to the ISO 37001 standard, which confirms that their management system is designed to prevent corruption in all business practices. Thus, UTI Construction and Facility Management SA, Trident Services and Maintenance SA and certSIGN SA successfully went through the stages of an extensive audit process that analyzed the corruption incidents monitoring and prevention system, implemented based on the ISO 37001 international management standard.

At the same time, UTI’s management company, TIU Investments and Management, obtained this certification by demonstrating that the corruption risk management system has been integrated into the processes of the entire Group and is managed top-down.

After 31 years of activity and excellence in the fields in which we operate – construction and facility management, physical security and IT&C, intelligent transport solutions, disinfection equipment and services, UTI continues to be a top brand, an integrator and a developer of innovative solutions that improve people’s lives, but also a practical school for the training of engineering professionals.