Case study: UTI – Building an effective compliance program

Setting the goal of obtaining ISO 37001 certification was the trigger for the implementation of a compliance and ethics program aimed at raising awareness within the company and intensifying measures to prevent possible corruption acts.

The company’s commitment to integrity and ethical business practices has always been the foundation of UTI’s success. Our core values ​​— Integrity, Trust, Responsibility, and Excellence — are fundamental to who we are and what we do, and we have always conducted our business in accordance with ethical principles and compliance with all national and international laws.

The implementation of the ISO: 37001 standard has multiple benefits for the UTI companies: strengthening the company’s reputation and trust, attracting strategic partners that require internationally recognized and certified anti-bribery standards, protecting the company in case of investigations and reducing the risk of criminal liability in case of incidents, strengthening the organizational culture and discouraging unethical or illegal behavior.

Download the MSECB case study on the ISO 37001 certification process of UTI companies.