TIU Investments and Management gets certified according to ISO 37001

TIU Investments and Management has received the ISO 37001 certification for its anti-corruption management system, which proves the commitment of the company, of its management team, and of all employees in the fight against corruption and corrupt practices.

The certification was granted by the international certification body MSECB Canada (formely PECB) after a thorough audit process that analyzed the adequacy of the bribery and corruption prevention system implemented based on the international management standard ISO 37001. The audit confirmed that the anti-corruption management system has been integrated into the organization’s processes.

“This certification confirms the commitment of TIU Investments and Management, the management company of the UTI Group of companies, to business ethics and acknowledges all the actions taken within the entire group to implement and observe all ethical values, laws ​​and internal compliance procedures in line with the highest international standards. It is also a collective achievement that highlights the involvement of all employees in integrating the fight against corruption into their daily work practices and in the group’s corporate culture. More than an international recognition, this certification is a strong message and a reliable commitment for stakeholders, regulators, customers, and business partners.” stated Razvan Petrescu, Administrator of TIU Investments and Management and UTI President.

Fighting corruption: a priority for UTI

ISO 37001 is an anti-corruption methodology to which all UTI companies adhere, guided by the ethical principles and regulations developed by TIU Investments and Management. UTI Construction and Facility Management, certSIGN and Trident Servicii si Mentenanta are among the first companies in Romania to obtain this certification in 2018 and they have maintained it through constant efforts to improve the anti-corruption management system. They are joined, starting with 2021, by TIU Investments and Management, the company that supervises the observance of ethical policies within the entire group.

About ISO 37001

Published in 2016, ISO 37001 is the first international management standard for the corruption prevention system, based on a culture of integrity, transparency, and compliance. The ISO 37001 standard is applicable to any type of organization in both the public and private sectors, regardless of the size of the organization or field of activity. The ISO 37001 certification confirms that the organization has implemented effective anti-bribery control measures.

Download the ISO 37001 Certificate of TIU Investments and Management