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Who we are

Ethics and Compliance

Our reputation is critical to our business relationships and is a vital asset we are committed to protecting, preserving and enhancing.

Our core values – Trust, Excellence, Responsibility, Integrity – shape the culture and define the character of our company. Each of us live the core values that serve as a foundation in how we act, make decisions and conduct business.


Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics asserts the general principles according to which our company manages its business. These principles apply both to the decisions taken at the corporate level, as well as to the individual behavior of our employees and partners. Thus, according to the implemented Code of Ethics, we follow the rules in force and the values that helped us gain and maintain a leader position on each market that we are active on: integrity, fairness and the highest ethical standards.


UTI and its employees are committed to the highest standards of business compliance as a key element to our business strategy.

We do not tolerate corruption. Our continued endeavor to increase transparency enables us to prevent the unmeasurable ill consequences of corruption within our businesses, as it creates unfair competition and jeopardizes the quality of our products and services and the integrity of our employees.

UTI has zero tolerance for corrupt practices. All UTI employees are responsible for complying with the national and international applicable laws to avoid corruption.

Money laundering is strictly forbidden and we are committed to refusing to conduct business with partners and third parties who engage in legitimate business activities. We observe all local laws that prevent money laundering.

UTI does not engage in business relations with entities or individuals that have been involved or associated with supporting criminal or terrorist activities.

UTI observes the highest standards of ethical behavior by fighting and countering bribery in all countries where it develops projects and its most important companies are certified according to ISO 37001: 2016 (International Anti-Bribery Management System), which confirms the application of the highest standards of integrity.

Reporting integrity incidents

Any report on integrity matters and possible violations of laws and integrity policies must be sent to . All reports are investigated accordingly and corrective measures are taken in compliance with the national legislations and with the internal anti-corruption regulations.