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Cluj Napoca International Airport

Country City Passengers
Romania Cluj Napoca 1.5 million/year

Cluj-Napoca International Airport was a complex and challenging project for our team, involving many UTI companies and extensive works. The installations and security concept provided by our specialists for the Departures and Arrivals terminals were based on high technology equipment and innovative solutions. The Cluj-Napoca International Airport Departures Terminal allows processing over 1,500,000 passengers per year, while the Arrivals Terminal can facilitate access for more than 300 passengers per hour.

Our specialists implemented medium currents installations, exterior tracks, thermal, ventilation and plumbing installations, low currents, access control systems, fire detection and passenger information solutions. Within the Departures Terminal, UTI also installed baggage and passengers control systems, improving the security level within the airport.

We also set up a power station and erected the connection building between the two terminals.

Overall, Cluj-Napoca International Airport project meant 880 days and sometimes nights of hard work, 50 kilometers of pipes, 180 kilometers of electrical cables and a 29,000sqm built and fully equipped surface.

This good collaboration continued, as UTI won a contract to build a parking lot and a hotel within the airport. The construction has been financed by UTI and represents an efficient public-private partnership.