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Back office solutions for effective violation processing

Back office solutions for effective violation processing

ECTORIAN is a software platform designed and developed by UTI, which aims to accurately track and automatically process road traffic offenses. The system is designed to help the authorities to manage, in real time and with a rational effort, a large number of offenses. As a result, the discipline in traffic would increase and the number of road car accidents would diminish significantly.

ECTORIAN manages the entire life cycle of an offense, from its recording by special detection equipment until the penalty charge payment.

Traffic enforcement system becomes truly efficient with ECTORIAN thanks to:

  • A high rate of data processing per day
  • Minimum manual work required
  • Reduced risk of human errors
  • Significant low operational costs

Managed offences 

  • Speed limit violation
  • Red light violation
  • Illegal parking
  • Expired vehicle technical verification
  • Expired vignette
  • Expired road tax
  • Expired transport license