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UTI celebrates 28 years of continuous presence on the Romanian market

Since October 5, 1990, UTI has continuously evolved, developing complex technological solutions and products and providing clients with timely and quality services. On its 28th anniversary, UTI enters a new development phase.

The 28 years stand for a period animated by the courage to explore new territories, to transform ideas into diversified competencies and daring projects, designed and developed by resolute, technology-passionate professionals, as well as the company’s ability to adapt to erratic economic conditions.

The gradual expansion of an impressive portfolio of competencies and technological expertise enabled the company to become one of the most powerful players on the national integrated systems market. The dedicated team and the extensive technological know-how have been the fundamentals of the company’s evolution in very competitive market segments.

We have built a strong company, we have lived up to our principles in times marked by economic recessions, by fierce competition, by the lack of strategic investments and by the effort to adjust to the economic and politic context that often hindered the role and capabilities of the Romanian companies. Even under these conditions, we have managed to perform, to adapt our solutions, services and products to meet the clients’ needs.

The year 2018 marks a rediscovery of UTI’s fundamental values: the entrepreneurial spirit, the innovation and creativity, the adjustment of the solution portfolio to market opportunities.

The future plans of the company focus on the further diversification of the solutions, products and services, as well as on streamlining the internal processes: „We will concentrate on the research and development of our intellectual property in order to generate new products to add to the already existing portfolio. At the same time, we will continue to make all important business decisions at corporate level in order to reduce risks.”, states Razvan Petrescu, President of the Board of Directors, UTI Grup.

UTI anniversary day is a convenient moment to celebrate the passion and talent of UTI’s employees that proved loyal to the company and to thank them for the years of professional and tenacious dedication.

Following the tradition of the past years, the Open Doors Day is organized for the children and members of our employees’ families in every UTI office.