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Traffic Control

It consists both of the installation of roadside traffic infrastructure, namely traffic lights, detectors and controllers, and the management of the gathered data in order to propose the adequate solutions to ease the traffic.

The dynamic traffic control function takes into consideration the traffic situation and influences the traffic flow by means of previously defined strategies, such as continuous green light, or by giving priority to the public transportation vehicles.

The adaptive operation function consists in changing the traffic lights timing in each intersection, according to the traffic values determined at intersection level, but also according to the traffic conditions within the entire system. All intersections are interconnected and communicate with the Control Center, which ensures the optimized adaptive functioning, based on the monitored traffic.

Data Collection

Complete and reliable traffic information is the basis for appropriate urban traffic control.

UTI provides a wide variety of detectors that make possible the implementation of an efficient traffic control system.

The traffic detectors provide information on:

  • Intersection control
  • Traffic jams
  • Traffic conditions
  • Travel time measurement

Data management

Data management is performed within the Traffic Management Control Center, the unique point of control for the entire system.

  • Real-time monitoring and control
  • Real-time visualization of all traffic events
  • Simple control for “green light” and preferential routes
  • Strategic and adaptive control
  • Full-featured distributed center

The central software application

The application ensures the interconnection of the subsystems while the users interact with a unique management and control interface.

The software allows the interface with the following subsystems:

  • Urban Traffic Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Public Transportation Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Variable Message Signs
  • Fault Management
  • Communications network monitoring

The traffic control system monitors, in real time, the traffic values and, based on the received traffic-related and parameter-related information, automatically implements traffic strategies meant to reduce delays.