Business Lines

Infrastructure equipment

UTI supplies all the necessary infrastructure equipment from a single source.

Led technology traffic lights

UTI has strong partnerships with world leaders in the development and production of traffic lights technology.

  • Robust design, reliability, and universal usability
  • Resistant to adverse weather conditions and solar radiation
  • Reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Reduced risk of malfunction
  • Environment friendly

Traffic controllers

Control devices are the key components of an efficient traffic management system.

We integrate, into our solutions, state-of-the-art traffic light controllers designed to provide maximum modularity, while also including the controlling logic necessary for fully autonomous decentralized traffic-actuated control. The traffic controllers can make decisions related to:

  • Fixed time signal plan
  • Traffic-actuated control
  • “Night all-red”
  • Public transportation priority
  • Integrated rescue system (IRS)

Traffic detectors

Detection devices, based on inductive loops embedded in the road’s surface, are extremely important for the good operation of a traffic management system. Their function is to collect traffic-related data: vehicle presence detection to enable appropriate intersection control, pedestrian presence detection to enable the appropriate green time the pedestrians need so that mobility and safety of both motorists and road users is guaranteed, queue detection.

All data is transmitted to the traffic controllers and the traffic control center where it is analyzed and the best traffic decisions are made.

Variable message signs

Variable Message Signs are important components of a dynamic traffic management system.  Their purpose is to provide up-to-date information, warning and guidance to the road users regarding:

  • Traffic situation
  • Travel alternatives
  • Supply travel time comparisons
  • Recommend routes