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Business Lines

Pneumatic Tube Systems

The pneumatic tube system, a modern, efficient and safe way to transport valuables, assures the operational processes improvement and also the security level growth.

The products are versatile as they can be integrated into multiple-option systems, according to the client security and logistics requests. It can be implemented within commercial areas (hypermarkets, supermarkets), banks, hospitals and medical centers, gas stations, and industrial areas.

The system connects, in just a few seconds, different buildings or areas of a building and, in Romania, it is especially used in hypermarkets and hospitals.

Within the commercial areas, this solution provides the best support for safe money transportation from the cash points, while for the health market segment, the pneumatic tube system allows the transportation of small objects (medicines, blood samples, tubes, documents, etc) in just a few seconds, in any area of a hospital.

  • Prompt and secure delivery
  • Efficient money, drug, document, blood samples, and specimen transportation
  • Variable speed delivery, according to the client’s needs
  • Dynamic routing options for optimized delivery speed
  • Incorporated touch-panel computers in sending and retrieving stations
  • Backup for system or infrastructure failures