On its 33rd anniversary of continuous activity, UTI changes its name and becomes TIU Group of companies.

On October 5, 2023, the TIU Group celebrates 33 years of continuous activity in the Romanian and South-Eastern European markets, estimating a record consolidated turnover.

The UTI brand represents a success story in the Romanian economic landscape, but even success stories need periodic adaptation to economic and social changes. Renaming UTI to TIU is not merely a play on letters; it expresses both significant changes and the continuity of the vision and mission of the member companies.

Following a 5-year period of restructuring and radical transformations, with a new organizational structure, the TIU Group continues to develop steadily and remain profitable and resilient, as all member companies have achieved remarkable financial and operational performance.

Over these 33 years, TIU has been a true university, shaping characters and capabilities. Thousands of specialists, managers, and leaders who are now prominent in the Romanian economy, both in public institutions and private companies, have gained experience and specialized knowledge by participating in complex projects in Romania and abroad.

However, the most important among them are those who have chosen to stay and commit to our goals, even under challenging conditions, making an essential contribution to this new phase of development. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to them.

Currently, the TIU Group comprises 6 operational companies, each being a market leader in its segment of activity: CERTSIGN SA, ALTIMATE SA, SOFTRUST VISION ANALYTICS SA, ELECTROPROIECT SA, TRIDENT SERVICII ȘI MENTENANȚĂ SA, and UTI CONSTRUCTION AND FACILITY MANAGEMENT SA.

For the year 2023, we estimate a consolidated turnover of over 160 million euros from economic activities based on technology, innovation, and a vision centered on the vital needs of communities and citizens: security, mobility, modern infrastructure, and personalized services.

These 6 distinct companies currently represent a more agile structure better adapted to market conditions, and they will continue to develop the competencies and values of excellence and technological innovation associated with the UTI brand.

Member companies of the TIU Group implement complex projects across various industries, boasting extensive expertise. Among the recently developed competencies, mention must be made of trust services (qualified electronic signature, website authentication certificates, electronic seals, timestamping), physical and cyber security, anti-terrorism control systems, advanced video analysis solutions, virtual tower solutions for airports, digitalization solutions for government institutions, modern urban and interurban mobility solutions, installations and constructions, design and general contracting services, and preventive and corrective maintenance services.

While celebrating its 33rd anniversary, the TIU Group is excellently positioned to leverage its human resources and seize the significant business opportunities existing in the present and those that will emerge in the next 3-5 years in Romania.