Portfolio – Homeland Security

Constanta Port

Country City Operational capacity
Romania Constanta 100 million tons of merchandise/year

Access control filters for vehicles and pedestrians, interactive video surveillance system for the entire port perimeter, taut wire and optical fiber perimeter fence, information and communications security system, guarding and intervention services, all gathered in a Command and Control Center, as well as sub-systems maintenance, constitute the solution implemented by UTI to secure the Constanta Port.

This project is one the most important chapters in UTI’s evolution, the site-wide scope requesting a technical concept and a specialized team to match the importance and the specificity of this critical infrastructure.

Constanta Port is the largest in Romania and one of the top 10 in Europe. It covers 3,182 hectares (land, bays, and port docks), 14 gates for pedestrian and vehicles traffic and 5 gates for railway traffic.


In less than two years since the work had begun, on December 2007, the following sub-systems were already implemented:optical fiber detection system for the decorative fence and the wiring fence, taut wire system, pedestrian and vehicle access control, mobile and fixed cameras for perimeter video surveillance, plate registration number automatic recognition, communications system, intrusion detection for each access point based on infrared barriers and exterior motion detectors, power supply, command and monitoring centers. In 2008 the Operational Command and Control Center became functional, integrating all the modules.

Within only 60 days, UTI implemented a video surveillance system for the moorings in the north side of the Constanta Port. The system improved the security and safety of the Port’s commercial area.

One of the most revolutionary solutions implemented by the UTI specialists to secure the Constanta Port perimeter is the taut-wire system.

All the systems and equipment comply with the European standards in force for a high-risk site and state frontier. Our solutions preempt breaking the law within the port perimeter, offer reports and proof for the authorities in case of incidents and allow CN APM Constanta to manage the port operators’ activities more adequately.

Maintenance services

Since January 2009, UTI has been providing service and maintenance for the equipment that is part of the Constanta Port Perimeter Security System.