Altimate gives green light to the traffic in Sighisoara

Altimate, a UTI company, will implement a traffic lights system with synchronous operation in the picturesque town of Sighișoara, in order to ensure green light on the E60 road, that passes through the city.

Thus, in order to reduce the risk of accidents and to streamline road traffic on the artery DN13 E60, our specialists will develop an intelligent traffic lights system for 13 pedestrian crossings and city intersections: 123 Mihai Viteazu St (Cesiro), 113-115 Mihai Viteazu St. (Nicovală), 97Mihai Viteazu St. (Perfect), 77 Mihai Viteazu St. (Pompieri), 8-10 Mihai Viteazu St. (Plopilor street – Stadionului street), 2A-3 Mihai Viteazu St. (Drumuri și Poduri), Consiliul Europei street – Gheorghe Lazar street – 1 Decembrie 1918 street, 12-18 Consiliul Europei St. (Sigma), 22 Morii St. (Scuar Poli), 7-12 Zaharia Boiu St., 13-14 Zaharia Boiu St. (Korona), 29-44  Zaharia Boiu St (Spital), 50 Zaharia Boiu St. (Biserica din Cornești).

The value of the contract awarded to Altimate by the public tender procedure is LEI 1.008.381,66 (VAT excluded) and the system will be completed within four months starting from the moment the works order is received.