certSIGN expands its portfolio by providing driver’s license customization services in Cyprus

In August 2014, certSIGN signed the driver’s license customization and delivery contract in Cyprus, whose beneficiary is the Department of Road Transport within the Ministry of Communications and Labor in Cyprus. The contract was awarded subsequent to a public tender in which 12 companies or associations participated.

The licenses will be customized in Bucharest, on poly-carbonate cards whose quality meets European Directive 2006/126/EC, as further amended and supplemented. For professional drivers, the issued card will include the information afferent to the professional qualification certificate, according to the regulations of the European Directive 2003/59/EC.

Also, certSIGN will develop and supply part of the infrastructure necessary for the issuance of Cypriot driver’s licenses. Thus, biometric data capture kits will be developed and supplied (picture and signature taken with digital cameras, signature pads and scanner) and then implemented in 13 locations in Cyprus, integrated with the registration application that currently exists with the Department of Road Transportation. Moreover, a card management application will also be developed for use by the Department of Road Transportation in Cyprus and by certSIGN, throughout the duration of the Agreement.

Communication between the software components of the system will be secured by means of the solutions developed by certSIGN, the data being encrypted and then transferred to secured channels, in order to ensure their confidentiality.

“We are glad that we were awarded this complex project in Cyprus, allowing us to use well-known solutions developed by certSIGN and internationally recognized by the implemented projects and which represent, at the same time, access on a new market – driver’s licenses. We hope to become a strategic partner for the Cypriot Department of Toad Transportation,” says Adrian Floarea, certSIGN Chief Commercial Officer.

certSIGN, member of UTI Grup, has a significant portfolio of foreign agreements: card customization solutions and services for the digital tachograf in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Finland, Norway, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, IT security solutions based on public key infrastructures in Albania and Azerbaijan.