The Inventor of Inergen came to Romania

During September 27-29, 2006, it took place the 7th edition of The International Conference of Defense against Fires and Disasters, organized with the support of the Association of the Entrepreneurs in the Field of Protection and Extinction from Hungary.

The event represented a new opportunity to underline the importance of such conferences, by the subject matter approached and also by the real interest shown by the appreciable number of participants. Approximately 200-250 persons participated in the conference, representing private and public companies owning stocks in different fields of activities: fire security, civil and industrial constructions, environment protection, system and equipment certifications.

Mr. Torbjorn Laursen, guest of Firex Engineering, inventor of the Inergen and, at the same time, Managing Director of Fire Eater A.S., gave a presentation concerning the Inergen extinction installation.

In the conference schedule, it was noticed the presentation having as subject “Inergen Extinction Installations at 300 Bars. The Advantages of Using the Sector Gates within the Installations”, defended by the representatives of Firex Engineering.

Important persons working in the specialized public departments of Romania and Hungary have participated in the conference, as guests of honor.