On the brink of its 30th anniversary, UTI Grup completes the works at the 5 metro line. The works, worth 59 million euros, in figures.

UTI celebrates 30 years of activity in 2020, the same year it completes the works for Raul Doamnei-Eroilor section of M5 metro line in Bucharest, one of the most important urban transport infrastructure projects in Romania.

UTI Grup is part of this project, in a joint venture formed with Astaldi, FCC Construccion and  Activ Group Management. UTI Grup has provided low and medium voltage electro-energetic installations: traction power supply installations (DC), ventilation installations (fresh air and smoke clearing), fire extinguishing, sanitary installations, automation, SCADA and energetic telemechanics, as well as low currents installations (fire detection, access control, dynamic passenger information, CCTV, synchronized clock system, radio communications) that ensure the proper functioning of the stations and of the technical rooms, as well as of the underground infrastructure of the metro line.


Each of the 10 stations of Râul Doamnei-Eroilor section has 3 levels and each level has several technical rooms. To ensure the smooth operation of the network and the safety of passengers, UTI has installed an impressive infrastructure of state-of-the-art equipment and technology:

  • over 20 km of fiber optics both in the tunnel and in the 10 stations
  • 410 digital video cameras, 122 video monitors installed on platforms and 1 security dispatch
  • 80 dynamic information panels in stations that display information about the arrival/departure times of the subway trains
  • 1,920 speakers that ensure the transmission of important information to passengers through voice messages
  • 40 SOS terminal systems, located on the platforms, which ensure the rapid initiation of emergency calls to the Central Security Dispatch
  • 20 info kiosks
  • 10 contactless transport cards vending machines
  • Over 1,300 km of cable, 90 km of pipe and 600 hydrants for the fire extinguishing system
  • 1,600 electrical panels and 39 electrical transformers integrated in a complex electrical automation system (SCADA)
  • 23,000 lighting fixtures
  • 40 high power fans
  • 15,000sqm of soundproofing panels

The contract for the works related to this stage of development M5 metro line was signed in July 2015. The total value of the contract is 180 million Euros, UTI implementing systems worth 59 million Euros. The company has allocated a dedicated team of approximately 300 specialists out of a total of 1,200 involved in the implementation of the project.

The subway will have a minimum travel time of approximately 12 minutes and a train can transport 50,000 passengers/hour/direction.

The installation project for the M5 Metro Line  is a solid reference for UTI Grup not only from the perspective of the complexity of the works, but especially because it will contribute to the significant improvement of the metropolitan transport service and of the urban traffic in the western part of Bucharest, connecting one of the largest neighborhoods in Bucharest, Drumul Taberei, to the city center.