UTI celebrates its 30th anniversary

UTI Group of companies celebrates on October 5, 30 years since the beginning of its journey through the Romanian and international economic landscape. Over these 30 years, UTI has demonstrated that it is not only a strong brand, but also a state of mind, a torrent of innovative ideas, courage and passion, a source of talent and human qualities, an elite school for specialists, a permanent source of products and solutions for a safer world, for a better quality of life.

Since the first commercial transaction, which consisted in the sale of a laptop, on October 5, 1990, we have reached an active presence in almost all stages and segments of citizens’ lives. From the hospital, to the school, to the supermarket, to the airport or the subway, to the bus, to the sports arenas or to the Danube – Black Sea Canal, to the border or to a NATO command center, in Romania, Poland, Bulgaria and in other 15 countries, people benefit from the products and services provided by our companies.

Since October 1990, UTI has constantly developed and permanently diversified its activity by setting up new business lines: physical and IT&C security, intelligent transport solutions, eGoverment, IoT (Internet of Things), facility management, airport and port facilities, defense systems, technical installation solutions for critical and civilian infrastructure, cyber security and data protection solutions.

UTI has written history in Romania by innovating business models that have ensured its stability and development continuity in the most adverse moments and contexts, by agility and by the courage to constantly approach new areas and to promote innovative and efficient solutions.Development in an adverse economic environment has been the main achievement of the recent years. 

In order to build an organization recognized in the business environment for its skills and expertise, as UTI is, we have often taken risks, proposed innovative solutions or chosen to invest our own resources in public-private partnerships to develop vital projects. Examples in this regard are: NETCITY – Fiber optic infrastructure of Bucharest – concession in which we invested 35 million euros, construction of Cluj-Napoca International Airport, in which we invested approximately 10 million euros, implementation of the perimeter security system of Constanța Port, which involved an investment of 16 million euros.

We also carried out pioneering actions: we implemented the first intelligent traffic management systems in Romania, we provide cyber security and electronic document signing solutions, we secured ports, but also the most important national airports, we built the first emergency situations management centers, we contributed to the construction of new subway lines, new terminals in airports and new hospitals.

We have contributed to increasing the capability of the National Air Defense System by installing radar systems in collaboration with top partners in the field and have provided essential modules for the software components of the NATO AGS system.

In the year of the Covid pandemic, UTI companies signed contracts worth more than 93 million euros.

All this has made it possible for UTI companies to reinvent themselves and to record significant increases, signing contracts worth more than € 93 million. Customers continue to trust us and that is our ultimate satisfaction.

Almost 60% of the contracts signed in 2020 are for the provision of facility management services and the delivery of X-ray scanning equipment for airports. With an equal share of 15% are the contracts in which UTI companies perform construction works and implement intelligent traffic management systems, starting from software concepts developed internally or customized by our team, as well as complex physical security and video surveillance systems. The list is completed by projects in which we deliver reliable eIDAS services, as well as electronic archiving, data security and digital identity services.

Beyond the proven expertise in the fields in which we operate, UTI companies have developed and strengthened due to their ability to react to people’s requirements and needs. We are constantly guided by the desire to increase the mobility, comfort and safety of citizens.

However, this year we are all facing a challenge not only from an economic perspective, but also from a public health perspective. The unprecedented health crisis has determined us to expand our portfolio with state-of-the-art technology for the total, impenetrable, efficient protection of any space, be it industrial, public or private. We are once again one-step ahead, able to provide the status of “covid safe” to any enclosure.

For the next years, UTI has equally ambitious plans; we intend to further develop projects that meet the needs of individuals, corporations and institutions. We will continue to provide solutions adjusted to each client, a constant of our evolution and a solid foundation for the future.