Social responsibility campaigns for Christmas

Every year, the UTI Foundation organizes social responsibility campaigns for Christmas. In 2012 we were even more pro-active, as we supported both children and old people, as well as a few desperate cases that we identified in the media.

Thus, we offered packages with clothes, boots, sweets and fruits for the children in Gorbanesti primary school, Botosani county. We went in Cluj, with the Catcau Care and Assistance Center that shelters old people, bringing them hope and presents for Christmas: clothes and food.

It is a Christmas tradition for the UTI Foundation to develop special programs together with the Clini Clowns Foundation, in order to bring joy and the spirit of the Holidays for the children within hospitals in Bucharest, Brasov, Iasi, Timisoara. This year, with the help of clowns, Santa Clause,  carol singers and lots of presents, we made the young spectators forget for a moment about the treatments and the suffering.

Our social responsibility caravan stopped also with the Saint Nectarie Palliative Care Center in Bucharest and we prepared for the old people with special needs in this location a hot meal and food to help them celebrate Christmas. We also identified two desperate cases of families with children that are in need, without any financial support. For both the families, the UTI employees joined our Foundation in an effort to provide clothes, toys, money, food and hope.

We offered financial support for the Cutu-Cutu Association, an organization that feeds, sterilizes and gives for adoption dogs without owners.

Last, but not least, the UTI Foundation acts on the spot to support financially and morally the UTI employees that are ill, offering them the means to overcome the difficult moments.

UTI Foundation would like to thank its members – the UTI companies, all the partners and suppliers, as well as the employees for their effort and contribution to the improvement of the lives of those touched by our campaigns.