UTI delivers parking solutions at Train Vuia International Airport in Timisoara

UTI implemented the security solution for the new parking of Train Vuia International Airport in Timisoara. The new parking lot was equipped in record time; in just three months the works have been completed, while the passengers’ comfort has not been affected.

The old parking lot had a reduced parking capacity and was not equipped with the necessary security systems. Also, the old billing system, that couldn’t differentiate the billing value compared to the parking time, was unfair to the clients. 9 surveillance cameras have been installed within the new parking, providing the safety of the vehicles. The images they capture are stored on a computer.

Thus, UTI has implemented a modern parking security system meant to secure the cars belonging to passengers that travel for a longer period. The vehicles can be parked under complete security conditions, for hours, days, weeks, even months.

The access control is made trough an automated barrier system. Upon entrance, the driver receives a ticket provided by an automated machine. Before leaving, he will pay for the time he parked the car and will validate the ticket at a payment office within the airport. The payment office is connected to the barrier system and the driver can leave the parking within 15 minutes since the payment was done. The vehicles that are parked for less than 10 minutes will not be billed.