UTI finalized an extensive international research project for the firemen security

At the end of January, UTI attended in Bruxelles the evaluation and analysis meeting following the research project COPE: Common Operational Picture Exploitation, part of the FP7 – European Security Research Programme.

For this program, financed by the European Union, UTI was part of a prestigious international consortium, formed by: General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (Romania), VTT Technical Research Centre (Finland), BAE Systems (Operations) Limited (UK), BAE Systems Bofors AB (Sweden), Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), Skysoft S.A. (Portugal), Centre for European Security Strategies (Germany) and Emergency Services College (Finland).

The research project purpose was to optimize the emergency services activity by elaborating a prevention, coordination and reaction system in cases of emergency and crisis. Thus, the UTI specialists developed sensor platforms that alarm firemen when they face dangerous gas accumulations in their rescuing activities.