UTI GRUP will build the most modern skating rink in Romania

UTI Grup,in association with Astaldi Spa Italia, will carry out the construction and modernization of the Mihai Flamaropol skating rink in the capital city, which will become one of the most modern skating rink included in the athletic circuits in the European Union, endowed and equipped according to the highest quality standards.

The contract was awarded by means of a public tender organized by the Bucharest City Hall at the beginning of September 2014, the bid submitted by UTI Grup-Astaldi being classified on the first place among the three tenders submitted in total. The project, whose estimated value is approximately Ron 100 million (around Eur 22 million) will be carried out within 36 months (24 months for the design and execution works and 12 months for the technical operating services and post-finishing maintenance).

The contract entails the demolishing of the existing constructions, the design and execution of a new multi-operational complex destined to athletic ice competition and to other cultural and entertainment activities.

The construction will cover a total 22,600 square meters and will have a capacity of 3100 seats (of which 61 for persons with disabilities) and over 120 parking places.

From an operational point of view, the building will host an ultra-modern sports arena, destined to athletic competitions on ice (artistic skating, speed skating, hockey, curling) but also other high-level artistic events, a training base for athletes, event and concert halls, a skating rink for amateurs, as well as a multi-operational wellness and spa center, complete with gyms, pools, wall-climbing facilities, skate park and shopping areas.

The special architectural design of the building combines esthetic with practical functionalities.  The construction will have a trapezoidal shape, with two equal opposed areas; it will open towards the lake front, in order for the people to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The correspondence between the two operational areas of the complex, the arena and the wellness/spa center, is carried out by means of a closed atrium, which is a lobby for the spectators.

An architectural novelty for the capital is the roof of the building – covered by grass and accessible to the public. Just like the Oslo Opera, the roof of the Mihai Flamaropol skating rink will be able to be used as a promenade or as an area dedicated to various activities during summer and winter alike.

For the operation of the complex, a series of systems and equipment will be installed, ensuring an optimized energy consumption, in order to reduce costs and polluting emissions.

The implementation of this project will contribute to the increase of the capital’s touristic potential, through the possibility of organizing international events and competitions, as well as to the increase in the citizens’ quality of life, as they will benefit from one of the most modern sports centers in Europe.