5 passageways in Bucharest will be endowed with state-of-the-art equipment

UTI will provide design and implementation services for traffic management and urban information systems for 5 passageways in Bucharest: Unirii, Muncii, Obor, Victoriei and Aerogării.

The aim of this project is to inform drivers on the traffic in the passageway: the road, the crowdedness, the level of carbon monoxide, any accidents or traffic jams.

The project was awarded by public tender organized by the Road Administration and will be implemented on a period of 24 months.

Incident detection equipment will be installed as well as weather prediction systems, carbon monoxide concentration detection systems, traffic lane availability equipment, traffic lighting equipment and surveillance cameras. All systems will collect relevant information on the state of traffic in the passageways; it will therefore be sent and processed in the traffic management system control center in Bucharest (BTMS). Based on this information, a decision will be taken regarding the display of messages of interest for drivers on panels installed at the entrances to passageways. UTI will provide system management as well as the integration of passageway traffic management systems into the general, already implemented traffic management system.

The project will have multiple advantages for drivers and inhabitants of Bucharest: the reduction of road accidents, the fluidization of traffic by adapting it to changes in passageway flows, quick repair of malfunctions to the traffic infrastructure and fluidization of passageway traffic in the shortest possible time, real time alarms for illegally stopped vehicles, pedestrians in the passageway, traffic jams, reduction of crime.

This project will contribute to the transformation of our capital into a smart city. The solutions provided by UTI under the SmartCity umbrella have a decisive contribution to the improvement of Bucharest inhabitants’ lives by implementing traffic management and public transport systems, underground telecommunications networks, video surveillance and parking management systems.

UTI has developed complex road traffic management solutions in Romania (Bucharest, Craiova, Iași, Zalău, Baia Mare, Brașov, Arad, Ploiești, Mediaș), as well as Poland (Szczecin, Kalisz, Sofia).