Brasov inhabitants will travel smart with the help of the system implemented by UTI

The agreement for the IT management of the public transportation system in Brasov was signed at the beginning of December and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund by means of the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, Priority Axis 1 – Supporting sustainable development of urban growth poles. The program is worth Ron 31,596,105.53.

The aim of the project is to increase the public transport conditions, the road traffic, travelers’ safety and comfort, as well as to expand and streamline the vehicle management and public transport network exploitation activities in Brasov.

The UTI solution integrates several systems: automated taxation, public transport vehicle management, passenger information in vehicles and stops, resource management for the Brasov Public Transport Directorate, video surveillance, reporting.

The benefits of the project will be important for the inhabitants of Brasov – by increasing the attractiveness and comfort of the public transport system, as well as for the Town Hall – by reducing fraud, streamlining the operation of the transport system and of the commercial activities and by generating instruments that facilitate the easy expansion of the tariff `menu` with new titles and with the adaptation of the titles to the actual situation.

“The trust that the authorities of Brasov have invested in us honors us and confirms at the same time the adaptability and value of our solutions. We are glad to contribute to the transformation of Brasov into a smart city, adapted to the public transport modernization requirements, something so useful for a city of such great tourism potential as Brasov. Thus, Brasov will be included in the elite cities that adopted modern technological solutions in order to modernize and optimize the transport system by means of a much more efficient management of travel titles, routes, number of busses and their load,” declared Adrian Floarea, Head of the Smart Transport and Taxation Systems UTI business line.

The project will be completed by November 2015.