Protect your business! Find out how by participating at the CyberSecurity Day powered by UTI

CyberSecurity Day powered by UTI, event included in the series of conferences occasioned by the cybersecurity month organized by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), focuses on trends and technologies, technical solutions and cybersecurity services necessary in order to promptly respond to the increasingly frequent cybernetic threats.

The conference provides its attendants with the opportunity to interact with cybernetic security professionals and to discuss about the challenges of this industry. The sessions of the event are held by Romanian and international experts: EY, KPMG, IBM, HP Security, Symantec, FireEye, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, Microsoft, UTI and certSIGN, as well as representatives of authorities in the field.

UTI, national producer and supplier of IT security solutions and applications, is directly interested in the creation of a safe technological environment and in the development of the cybersecurity market. UTI and certSIGN specialists believe it essential for the private sector to be involved in the creation of the proper framework for debating all aspects related to cybersecurity, from the point of view of the experience that private companies have, but also considering the high agility and capacity for quick adaptation to technological evolution.

“The key for ensuring a proper level of cybersecurity is cooperation and coordination at a national and international level, doubled by a permanent dialogue between the public and private sector. Sharing knowledge, sharing best practices and cooperating become, in this context, attributes of social responsibility and protect us all, as mere users of IT resources or as representatives of institutions and organizations,” declares Tiberiu Urdăreanu, UTI President.

UTI takes the role of trainer in this field, by supplying complete training services in UTI Academy, thus contributing actively to the permanent development of technical competences among specialists, key people in the implementation of a proper cybersecurity framework at all levels.

Also, within the event, UTI launches the MSSP services (Managed Security Service Provider), which will supplement the IT security services provided by UTI and certSIGN that are already known on the market.