Trust4Mobile, the voice and text message encryption application developed by certSIGN, is included on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4

With the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4, users’ communications will be safer due to the Trust4Mobile app, the first Romanian real-time VOIP call and text message encryption application, dedicated to Android mobile device users.

Created in order to prevent the interception of communications carried out by mobile device users, Trust4Mobile uses digital certificates issued by certSIGN as well as advanced encryption mechanisms based on the AES 256 and RSA 2048 encryption mechanisms.

Intuitive, easy to install and use, Trust4Mobile allows the user to secure communications as easily as to initiate a normal telephone call, providing full control over the components that ensure their protection.

“The security of information sent via mobile devices is a hot topic, and our role is to educate users about the risks they are exposed to, in order to provide them with viable protective solutions. Trust4Mobile is one of them, the security of calls and text messages being guaranteed by using encryption technologies,” states Adrian Floarea, certSIGN Commercial Manager.

certSIGN is a company specialized in the development of IT security software applications and in the provision of services dedicated to the protection of IT systems and mobile equipment.

Member of UTI Grup, one of the largest system integrators on the Romanian market, certSIGN is a company audited by WebTrust, its root certificate being recognized by all web browsers. certSIGN is the only company in Romania whose IT security products are included in the NATO NIAPC (NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogue).