UTI has successfully completed the first year of maintenance of the Sofia street lighting system

UTI Grup won, in August 2014, in association with Innovative Traffic Systems from Bulgaria, the contract of maintenance of the Sofia street lighting system. The contract, concluded on a 4-year period, entails the provision of preventive and corrective maintenance of the traffic management and monitoring system from over 400 junctions.

The contract includes the verification of the proper operation of street lighting installations and of other equipment installed at street junctions, monitoring the operation of the Control Center systems, as well as repairing any issues, testing and re-operating the system.

The complexity of this project is given by the large number of junctions that must be managed simultaneously by intervention teams, as well as the very short response and repair time, established by contract to only 45 minutes per intervention.

At the same time, the contract includes the modernization of the existing infrastructure: the replacement of the existing traffic directing appliances with newer ones that observe European standards, as well as the replacement of the equipment in the Control Center so that the entire system corresponds to the beneficiary’s current requirements.

In this ample process, boulevard G.M. Dimitrov, one of the largest boulevards in Sofia, has already been modernized. UTI provided state-of-the-art street lighting of its own brand – K-Traffic ControllerŽ, ensuring adaptive traffic management by adjusting the light times in junctions to real traffic values. The system is permanently monitored from the Control Center by a traffic management software created by UTI – KeyDaptiveŽ.

“One year from the start of the project, we are very happy with the level of the services provided by UTI Grup and Innovative Traffic Systems for the 400 junctions included in the object of the agreement. The recently implemented modernization solutions, the traffic detectors and the adaptive software system significantly contribute to the improvement of the traffic on the Dimitrov Boulevard, where 5 junctions have already been modernized,” says Mr.  Lyubomir Hristov, Vice-Mayor of Sofia.

UTI Grup confirms its position of important player in the field of smart traffic management solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, UTI solutions being implemented in Poland (Kalisz and Szczecin) and in important towns in Romania (Bucharest, Craiova, Iași, Timișoara, Brașov, Zalău, Deva, Ploiești).