UTI will develop and implement the collaborative public procurement system

The contract for the implementation of the collaborative IT system for an efficient public procurement (SICAP) was awarded through the open public tender organized by the Romanian Digital Agenda Agency and its implementation will take 9 months.

The main objective of the project is the development of an effective environment for public purchasing, in accordance to the requirements of the European Union and with current law.

In order to reach this objective, UTI will ensure the development, installation, configuration and integration of a flexible, modular IT system, as well as the setup of a data center. Considering the major importance of the data included in this system (technical and commercial bids of national and international economic operators), the security of data and transactions is one of the key elements of the system, and will be ensured by the use of public key technologies, as well as of a complex set of cybersecurity mechanisms that will be implemented for purposes of data protection.

UTI will also ensure the migration of data from the existing SEAP system and the operational integration thereof in the structure and architecture of the new system. The transition to the new system will be transparent for final users, without having an impact over the public purchasing system and without the interruption of its operation.

Moreover, UTI will provide training classes for the IT specialists who perform the maintenance of the system, as well as operation training courses addressed to economic operators and contracting authorities, using LiveStudies – a modern on-line training platform.

From a technological point of view, the project is very complex, using state of the art technology and equipment, supplemented by software applications, communications and IT infrastructure, designed in order to be integrated in a safe, reliable system.

The transparency of public acquisitions will be ensured by making available to economic operators and contracting authorities all the information as per current law and procedures.

The project will have an important contribution to increasing the efficiency of public services due to the access to administrative services by means of modern IT facilities, will ensure collaboration between all entities involved in the acquisition process and will contribute to a competitive environment for access to public funds by implementation of an acquisition management portal.

The modern, intuitive and customizable interface will facilitate users’ access to the information and operations available to them.

UTI developed and implemented various innovating solutions in order to computerize key systems nationally: the electronic health file, the electronic vignette, the computerized criminal record system, the portability of phone numbers, the computerized navigable canal management system.