UTI improves the public safety through complex security and defense products and technologies

In December 2014, UTI delivered 12 new special utility vehicles to the Local General Police Directorate of Sector 3, according to the agreement signed on November 22 2014, awarded by public tender at the end of October 2014. The total value of the agreement was Ron 973,590 with VAT included, approximately Eur 217,805, 6% lower than the budget provided by the contracting authority.

The utility vehicles delivered were endowed with state-of-the-art acoustic and light signaling, with a 150 W speaker and integrated microphone for public broadcast, video monitoring and surveillance system allowing quick zoom adjustment (optic and digital), automated focus and manual orientation towards the area of interest. The video system is endowed with high resolution cameras, capturing details both during day and night. Captured images are displayed on a monitor installed on the dashboard of the vehicle. Another component of the video system is the recorder which stores data for up to 1.5 months, connects online to a data center by 3G network and allows wireless or cable data transfer. The recorder is endowed with a GPS that stores the route covered by the vehicle. The entire system of the utility vehicle operates on a high-capacity auxiliary battery ensuring uninterrupted operation of the intervention teams in any situation. The equipment and technology design and integration have been fully carried out by UTI specialists.

The utility vehicles delivered in December contribute to the increase of the performance and efficiency of the police in order to ensure public order, fight crime and increase the safety of the population, but also to prevent and minimize road accidents by means of a careful, efficient surveillance of traffic on public roads.

UTI has solid competences in the development and integration of products and technologies in the field of critical infrastructure security and national defense, as well as a vast portfolio of projects implemented so far. In the past, UTI supplied the Romanian Police with 450 mobile radar systems, integrated and homologated on the utility vehicles of the Police. Also, UTI installed complex video surveillance systems on other 17 utility vehicles of the Romanian Police in 2010.

UTI Grup was involved in numerous national and international defense programs, in partnership with renowned leaders in the field and has its own research, development and production center in order to develop products and systems dedicated to the defense industry, in which the company invested over Eur 7 million. Since 2011, the company has been involved in the infrastructure development project for the research and development of utility vehicles and specialized supra-structures aimed for security and defense, within the Sectoral Operational Programme for the Increase of Economic Competitiveness, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.