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Altimate implemented a traffic lights system in Filiași that facilitates the city transit and reduces the number of accidents.

Altimate, member of the UTI group of companies, recently completed the implementation of a traffic lights system on DN 6, covering Filiași town.

The continuous increase of the vehicle flow passing through this municipality, the frequent congestions and the registered accidents determined the National Company of Road Infrastructure Management, through Craiova Regional Direction of Roads and Bridges, the beneficiary of the project, to make the decision to implement a solution meant to streamline traffic on this road segment.

Altimate won the project, whose value is worth EURO 270,000, following a public bid. Our team completed the following works: electrical sewerage within the road, pavement and green space (eliminating the overhead cables), drawing rooms, installation of new traffic lights and pillars for traffic lights, installation of video cameras for traffic detection, as well as a traffic control equipment, electrical connections among the traffic lights and the Traffic Control Equipment.

Within the project, pedestrian crossing lights systems were also installed to increase the safety of the city’s inhabitants.

In total, 66 traffic lights for vehicles and 36 ones for pedestrians were installed and set to function in 9 traffic crossroads.

Prior to the project implementation, the pedestrian crossings were not equipped with traffic lights and the crossing of the main street was chaotic, generating risks for the inhabitants and significant traffic jams.

Project benefits

  • Smooth vehicles and pedestrians flow
  • Reduced traffic accidents and increasing the inhabitants safety
  • Increased transit flow within the town
  • Reduced air and noise pollution
  • Cost reduction by installing traffic lights that use technology with improved visibility, lower maintenance costs and a longer life compared to conventional traffic lights, with incandescent bulbs

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