UTI celebrates 29 years of evolution and performance

Since October 5, 1990 UTI has continuously evolved, developing complex technological solutions and products and adapting its organization structure to the business needs. On its 29th anniversary, UTI finds itself in a consolidation and adaptation stage.

After a 28-year period when UTI has become a strong unitary brand and a diversified technological business portfolio, at the beginning of 2019 UTI has adopted a structure consisting of flexible, agile and smaller operational companies, with well-defined identities for each field of activity, in order to better adjust to the market requests and to take advantage of the growth opportunities. UTI has thus entered a new phase of its development, one of reconsolidation of the operational, human and financial resources of the companies resulted as a consequence of the business portfolio split.

Since 1990, UTI Group of companies has been a strong presence on the national market by developing major projects, by acquiring diversified competencies that made it possible for the company to compete with important international companies. Over this period, we have lived up to our promises and principles in times marked by economic recessions, by fierce and often unfair competition of the state-owned companies, by the lack of support of the national authorities for the local private companies. Even under these conditions, we have managed to perform, to adapt our solutions, services and products to meet the clients’ needs.

“We are proud of the past 29 years, of the important projects we have developed over all these years. We are sure that UTI Group of companies will continue to deliver performance and innovation, based on the previous experience. Our culture of being flexible, of adjusting to the market trends and to the clients’ needs is unique and, at the same time, a strong basis for the years to come.”, said Razvan Petrescu, UTI President.

UTI’s anniversary day is the perfect moment to celebrate UTI’s employees’ involvement in the company’s evolution. We thank the colleagues that celebrate 10, 15,20 and 25 years within the company for their loyalty, perseverance and professionalism.