UTI Foundation celebrates Christmas with the underprivileged

To all of us, Christmas is a time of joy, peace and optimism, of being with loved ones and indulging in the pleasure of giving. Unfortunately, these feelings are not accessible to all of us. There are children out there who suffer from cold and hunger, seniors who spend their holiday alone, people with health issues who cannot feel the joy holidays normally bring.

Like every year, around Christmas, UTI Foundation reaches out to the less fortunate and tries to bring a little alleviation, help and hope into their lives. There are places where the UTI caravan always stops, where we always find old friends and make new ones. One of these places is the middle school in Gorbăneşti, Botoşani county, where 47 children commute daily from the village nearby. This year, for Christmas, UTI Foundation brought them clothes, boots and sweets, so that they can enjoy winter holidays and experience the joy of receiving presents from Santa. We would like to thank Mihaela Lupu, the School Principal, for the wonderful message that we wish to share with you: “Every year, without fail, for a while now, you come here and bring joy to the hearts of the children in this school by giving them presents and sweets. Thank you! We wish you health, joy and happiness in the coming year! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, together with your loved ones!”

UTI Foundation will also drop by the “Sfântul Nectarie” Palliative Care Center in Bucharest, home of elderly citizens with special needs. For them, UTI Foundation will cook a rich meal with plenty of traditional foods in order to greet the celebration properly, with peace and hope.

UTI Foundation also participates in charitable campaigns aimed at helping underprivileged people and develops social, cultural and educational projects in the communities it is a part of. A large part of the Foundation’s actions aim to support the employees of the company who face extremely serious social and medical situations in order to be by their side in the difficult challenges they face and help them overcome. Also, UTI Foundation encourages and promotes respect and love for animals and gets permanently involved in actions supporting stray dogs, on its own or by supporting dedicated associations.

UTI Foundation wishes to thank member companies who contributed financially to the development of this year’s actions and to all employees who got actively involved in supporting these projects meant to improve the quality of life of as many people as possible.