Portfolio – General Contracting

Iasi International Airport

Iasi Airport construction and modernization program was one of the largest projects UTI was involved in. First, the company was involved in the extension and modernization of the airport runway, while subsequently UTI got involved in the construction of the new airport passenger terminal. This terminal is designed to process 320 passengers/hour, has 6 check-in desks and a total surface of 3,600 square meters.


Our team delivered an efficient building management system in order to easily control, monitor and operate all the technical equipment of the building.

  • Interconnected equipment: heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, electrical distribution and power, back-up power generators, fire protection system, pumping system, access control and anti-intrusion system
  • The interconnected equipment is integrated into a central dispatch using a command and monitoring graphic interface and a management software. This program allows setting up the building’s functional parameters, functional or security alerts and generates activity reports.
  • The management application collects data from the programmable units in the field, processes, analyzes and stores it.
  • Data can be acquired via the central command center or via local command units
  • The program is flexible and allows an indefinite number of extensions according to the building’s needs and the users’ requirements


  • Reduced operational costs and energy consumptions
  • Increased level of security by interconnecting the equipment performing this function: access control, anti-intrusion, fire protection, etc.
  • Immediate knowledge of system performance
  • Improved system efficiency and performance
  • Increased equipment life
  • Reduced repair cost
  • Reduced number of man-hours (labor costs) required for troubleshooting or service
  • Personnel available for other important tasks
  • Compliance with regulatory agencies through automated report generation
  • Facilitates compliance with regulatory agencies through automated report generation