UTI solutions for the safety of the citizens of Varna, Bulgaria

UTI will implement a complex video surveillance system in Varna, the most important city on the Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea.

The solution UTI proposes will integrate 54 cutting edge video cameras in 27 intersections of the city. The recorded data will be transmitted via a fiber optic network to a cutting-edge control center where the images will be viewed and stored through an integrated video surveillance application.

The video cameras will monitor both the traffic and the most crowded areas in order to create a safe environment for the inhabitants and tourists of Varna. Also, the authorities will be able to promptly intervene in case of an incident and will be able to use the stored images within the control center as video proofs.

The video surveillance solutions, part of the SmartCity concept developed by UTI, will transform Varna into an elite city that has taken technological measures to provide its inhabitants with a safe environment.

UTI solutions used to ease the flow in Sofia

The Mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova, has appreciated the good functioning of the traffic management system and its contribution to increasing the quality of life and safety of the inhabitants of the city.

In August 2013, UTI Grup was awarded in a venture with Innovative Traffic Systems of Bulgaria, the contract to provide maintenance services for the traffic lights system in Sofia: preventive and corrective maintenance services for the traffic management and monitoring system installed for more than 400 intersections in Sofia. The contract resides in modernization works of the existent infrastructure: replacement of the traffic controllers with state-of-the-art controllers compliant with the regulations of the European Union, as well as the installation of video cameras.

It also includes the checking of the appropriate functioning of the equipment installed in intersections (traffic lights, controllers), checking of the operation of the equipment within the Control Center, as well as the repair of the registered malfunctions, system testing and re-commissioning.

In September 2016, Sofia Yordanka Fandakova, the mayor of the city of Sofia, has visited the control center to evaluate the operation of the entire system. According to her, the system functions within the normal parameters, the equipment provides the adaptive management of the city traffic by adjusting the red/green light times to the real traffic values registered in traffic. The system is permanently monitored in the Control Center by a proprietary traffic management software – KeyDaptive.

The monitoring solutions UTI has implemented significantly contribute to traffic improvement in Sofia.

UTI has implemented intelligent transportation solutions in Central and Eastern Europe: Poland (Kalisz and Szczecin), Bulgaria (Sofia and Burgas) and important cities in Romania (Bucharest, Craiova, Iasi, Timisoara, Brasov, Zalau, Deva, Ploiesti).